Saturday, February 28, 2009


Tonight I finally saw "The Onion" movie and as a big fan of the videos/articles on their site, I got inspired to write a little story of my own...You like?

Normally Funny Man Disappoints

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - A cashier at the local Five-Dollar Store left work disappointed Thursday as an area man known for his humor didn't impress her. Nineteen-year-old Megan Woods said she was approached just after 4 PM by John Tankers who is known by store associates as "Johnny Jokes." The distraught cashier told the police "He's normally funny, but today I didn't even smile."

EBS News scored the first interview with Woods as she told the brave story of how she overcame this tragedy.

"As he approached me, I could see the look on his face, I knew he was going to try to tell a joke," Woods spoke softly. "He asked me if we take Hawaiian money and I told him no because we were in California. That's when he started laughing and saying it was American money, I was devastated."

Area police have yet to announce any formal charges for Tankers as they are still investigating this comedic assault.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

school and debt

As many of you know, my post-high school education has been very screwy due to some unlucky happenings. Because of it, I got into some debt, without much education to show for it.

That really sucked. Haha!! Now one BIG thing I want to do is being set back by the fact that I still have this debt. I mean HUGE thing. I've hinted at it and probably directly said it on Twitter numerous times, however I'm going to stop mentioning it so I can then surprise you when it happens!

But with that, I'm VERY proud to announce I've paid down my debt to....... $2,900!!

Now that might still seem like a lot of money and it is, but I have a good plan in the works of paying it off much more quickly. Plus we have the success of the chris brown video and that is certainly helping things out! My goal is to be DEBT FREE by or on April 17th, 2009.

I'm obviously beyond excited and will keep you up to date!! Big things are coming, 2009 is my year!!

Thursday, February 19, 2009


If you're reading my blog you probably already know that I put a lot of time into youtube. There's something special to me about creating a video and getting feedback. I get really excited when I put up a new video and I'm checking the comments and views every minute, the community as a whole and everything involved is just so great!

I'd consider myself a pretty average youtube, about 3,500 subs, I had 300,000 total video views...Not nearly enough to be a "celebrity," but enough to show I've put work into it.

But then Chris Brown beat up Rihanna.

I was still in California, and Alex said we should make a video with their mouths just talking about what happened before he beat her up. We came up with the song idea to use all their song titles and wrote that up then sat down for 10 minutes and filmed our dialogue. Alex edited it, and then we put up our videos.

The video went up, it was doing pretty had like 2,000 views the first day, but then the next day it hit. Something happened and it was at 8,000 views, then 16,000, then 23,000. I couldn't believe after all the creativity and work I did with other videos, this was finally my "hit" video. Of course I can't complain, tho I feel bad because it was Alex's idea! When I was getting ready to leave early sunday morning, that saturday night I tweeted that it had 41,000 views, that was INSANE to me already! But when I got home sunday night it had 86,000 views! It more than doubled in a day!

Since then it continues to go up, sitting at 186,000 views. It's lead to a lot more subscribers, tons of comments, and almost 700 times favorited now. But now I have a new video up, and all the excitement is calming down as this 4th episode of Swingers isn't nearly as popular as the Chris Brown current news ;)

Regardless, I am so excited after almost a year of hard work on ATB, things are finally starting to pay off, I couldn't be happier! And of course as I've repeated many times, can't give enough credit to Alex:

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Prince of Parties

Have you ever been to a really cool party?

Was the party still going strong at full speed, then you leave?

You realize you left, you had to leave...but the party is still going without you.

I have. :(

Saturday, February 14, 2009


I love Valentines Day, I love a lot of holidays St. Patrick's Day, 4th of July, Cinco De Mayo, and stuff like that! If you refer back to my "dating season" blog entry, you know that tomorrow, the 15th of february, begins dating season...I don't really care tho, not really interested right now. HAHA

Anyways, this is one of my last day's of my AMAZING vacation in california, and so for Alex's 365 video today the project was to make Valentines cards...This is what he made for me, I thought the poem was HYSTERICAL:


Even though we're not ghey
There is something I'd like to say
In California I'd wish you'd stay
So we could make videos every day
And live off the money that YouTube would pay
Wouldn't that be nifty, ay?


And on the front he made "ATB" (alwaystextback, duh) out of hearts...pretty cool!!

Friday, February 13, 2009


Yesterday a plane crashed and killed 50 people...I'm fixing to get on a plane sunday and fly back across the country...This immediately made me think. I don't fear flying, and I don't really get nervous because of that accident, but I wanted to make something public should anything ever happen.

I don't want anyone to ever feel guilty if I died.

... Depressing, eh?

What I mean is, sometimes people have died in car accidents and people left behind feel guilty because the person killed was on the way to their house, running an errand for them, or etc. I do everything I do on my own free will, I don't want anyone EVER to feel guilty for any reason. If my plane crashed, I wouldn't want my mom to feel guilty because she let me go on this trip, I wouldn't want Alex or any of his family to feel guilty because if I didn't come to stay with them, then I'd still be alive.

Basically, in my world - what happens, happens. So should I die anytime soon, I hope people aren't sad (YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN), but I hope people enjoy the time they had with me...And same goes for anyone else. Death is a horrible part of life, but we have to deal with it the best we can.

Sunday, February 8, 2009


Back in early january when me and Cade were staying at Zach's house, one morning Zach had to get up early to go somewhere. His alarm went off at something like 6:30 and it didn't wake me or Cade up, but Zach got up. Even tho I was deeply asleep I suppose my brain was mad about hearing his alarm so I said very forcefully "THREE THOUSAND PEOPLE ARE GOING TO BURN DOWN YOUR HOUSE!!"

Two nights ago, Alex, myself, and Angel were deep asleep yet I began talking again. This time I said "I can't believe there aren't ads on it yet!" That was refering to one of the project 365 videos we did that google was slow to put ads on. Then I talked about "I can't believe she got away with monetizing that!" Alex woke up from this and thought I was talking on the phone or something...and then I said two simple words... "CRACK DORA!" Obviously refering to this page.

Do you ever talk in your sleep? Let me know some of the weird things you say, or you've heard people say in their sleep!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Hello blog YOU doin?

I've been in California for 5 days now. This has been 5 days I haven't had to go to a crappy job, worry about anything, and just plain LIVE for these 5 days. This has given me time to think and to realize the awful path my life was heading down. At home a usual day ends up like this...Wake up - go to work - get on the computer - sleep - wake up - go to work - computer - sleep - wake up - work - computer - sleep.

The same awful process continues day after day. There's been no room to have a life, no time to enjoy the company of my friends. I've pretty much ruined most relationships with my real life friends and replaced them with a internet social life as a result of my awful work schedule and the demands.

I complain about my job a LOT on there's an easy solution..right? Get another job. It's not that easy, but now I have a tripled motivation to do so. I am going to find another job within 31 days of my return.

That won't matter so much tho, here's the kicker. I am going to move - FOR SURE - this time not moving back, I am going to free myself of any and ALL stress because I didn't used to get stressed and life was so much better then. So the plan is to evade all stresses 100%.

With getting out of the depressing winter weather, getting a better job, and being able to enjoy life...I'm going to become a much happier person. I love being happy, and I love my time here in California. I enjoy EVERY DAY and I don't wake up here dreading anything or going to work.

Things are gonna change for me. I just have to work to achieve them and you can bet your butt I'm going to do that now.