Sunday, October 25, 2009

the future?

Hi I didn't mean to leave my blog updateless for so long. I'll fix that.

There's a few changes happening to my youtube channel. For starters, instead of "new video every friday" it's now new videos every Monday and Thursday. With just 7 days to go in Blogtober, Music Meltdown will resume on it's channel. And now I'm sort of practiced at a 365 project and able to contemplate rather I really want to do it or not for 2010.

So to keep it simple, you can find me on alwaystextback Monday and Thursday.

Music Meltdown (2 times a week on average):

The only other thing is that I just joined a group channel called #DailyFML and I'll be on there every Sunday:

Any questions? HAHA

I'm going to clean my room now...jeez!