Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Oh, Summer...

When Spring finally..uh.."springs?" I get so excited every year. It seems like in the winter with shorter days and so much gloomy weather, I just sort of attach myself to the computer in some kind of hibernation waiting for warm summer weather.

Last summer I basically worked inside the whole time and I have to say it was one of the most miserable summers of my life. I'm not letting that happen again. Already yesterday I cut the work day short and went to play basketball...I'm going to make sure my summer isn't wasted away by a crappy job.

Obviously Summer is my favorite season, what is yours? I've heard of a few people that like winter, but I don't get that crap...what's to like? Everything looks dead, the days are short, and it's COLD... Let me know!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

You're grounding me?

You may have seen my tweet earlier today, "I'm 22 years old and I am grounded :("

Basically the conversation went like this,

Me: Really? You're grounding me?
Me: Yes, absolutely.
Me: I'm 22 years old!

I've grounded myself. Yes, in a rare and weird twist, I'm grounding myself. And here is how it's going to go down.

One month ago when I returned from California on february 15th, I set a goal of having a new job in one month, tomorrow I officially fail on achieving that goal so there is only one solution...ground myself. I have a tendency to stay up too late and that leads to me sleeping in and not having time to look for another job before going to my crappy job, instead I only have time on my days off. So starting tomorrow night the internet goes off and I go to bed by 1 AM, NO EXCEPTIONS...except weekends LOL!

In addition, I'm grounding myself from ANY and ALL unneccessary spending. This means when I'm at work and feel like snacking - NOPE. When I see a cool poster, item, whatever - CAN'T BUY IT NO MATTER WHAT.

This way, not only am I going to quickly secure a much better and higher paying job, but with no unneccessary spending, I'll be saving and paying off college debt much faster.

This is only phase one of my grounding. I'm already preparing harsher punishments that I'll be implementing soon if neccessary. If too much time goes by without getting another job, I will be totally eliminating my internet usage until I do. I've got other things in the works, so I hope I get another job soon, cuz while this whole thing is rather cheesy, I'm determined and if you know me, you know I'm pretty stubborn when it comes to these types of things.

Wish me luck!!

Friday, March 6, 2009


Yeah, I definitely "borrowed" the term Youtubirthday from Alex.

Today March 6th marks 1 year that I've had the account alwaystextback. It's been quite a year, I've made friends with some of the coolest people, worked my way to becoming a partner, hit 600,000 total views today, and am just under 4,000 subscribers with 3,949.

So there's nothing really left to say other than THANK YOUUUUUUUU!! It's been such an amazing year and it'd have been nothing without every single one of you!! You all rock so hard and I look forward to many, many more years!!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

You had me at "VCR"

I don't know if I've ever laugh so loud.