Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Dreams, debt, and music

Have you ever had a dream about youtube or people you know from youtube? I've had two now...both very strange. The latest I dreamed I was in a class with.....ThatZak hahahaha and the teacher really loved Zak, but I was like a new student. So I didn't know anyone but Zak and I was pretty quiet. The teacher finally told me to start speaking up and I was like "oh you don't wanna say that cuz then I won't shut up..." It was a really long dream cuz we were in class forever, but never learned anything...then after a while she gave us a quiz and walked out of the room. I started laughing because this picture was on my quiz...

So I hadn't written anything on my paper yet and I passed it to Zak so he could see it. The teacher came back in as Zak was handing my paper back and she said "ohh cheating on the first day?!" And I said no that I hadn't written anything yet and she could look at it, we weren't cheating, just laughing about that joke. Then she said "well, you might not have been cheating YET, until you pull out an iPhone!" And that made no sense, but was really funny. Basically the rest of the dream we were just sitting in class...Really weird. So have you ever had a youtube related dream? Leave a comment and tell me about it!

I'm nearing eliminating my school debt...potentially gone in 2-3 pay checks...that will be so great to get done with that!!

If you haven't checked out this music, please take my recommendation and hit up iTunes!

Jack's Mannequin "The Resolution"
David Archuleta "Crush"
Steve Means "Rescue Me" (The album and single)
Jonathan Clay "Around and Round" and "A Little Time"
Gym Class Heroes "Cookie Jar"
3OH!3 "Don't Trust Me"
Jason Mraz "I'm Yours"

That's some good stuff.

Monday, August 18, 2008


Okay while I was at work today the funniest thing happened at my house.

My mom said some guy came to the door trying to sell ENCYCLOPEDIA SETS claiming he was from Arizona and blah blah blah scam. Not like we don't already have like 3 sets that sit in boxes in the garage pointlessly...I've tried and tried to get the parents to let me donate them. So this guy is too much of an idiot that despite the fact that my mom said we WOULD NOT buy a thing, we aren't going to spend the money and etc...He insists that she at least look at his catalog. So my mom is too nice and he goes over and sits on the far seat on the porch. We have 2 chairs and a bench...My mom is about to go over and sit on the bench and he jumps up and starts jumping around....Bees made a hive underneath that chair and he got stung!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA normally I'd be sympathetic, especially if my mom actually was interested in what he was selling, but she kept saying no, but he insisted so now he what he deserved!! Oh man, I was rolling when she told me about that...what a moron!! That made my night!

not monday!

So I am about to go to the lake and park to try to finish main shooting for my new video...ALSO hopefully I can film a collab clip that I've been super slack on.. ;) I'd love to have the video up tonight, although I have to go to work soon after I film. I'll stay up late editing if I get everything filmed though...haha

I really need to get another job and ASAP...although I'd be tickled pink if the internet could become my main source of income, but ya can't really count on it and I'm certainly not at that level.

Hopefully everyone will love the video tho.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Sunday blog

So originally I was intending on having the new video done and up tonight, but not that lucky. :( so I'm hoping to finish filming at the lake and park tomorrow and have it up possibly by tuesday. With what I've done so far I think it could really turn out good and I hope everyone digs it.

I watched my Donnie Darko dvd last night and it was storming outside...that made the mood perfect for the movie. It's sooo good, if you haven't seen it, go buy it...don't rent it, cuz you'll want to keep it!! The sequel sounds interesting, I will DEF see it, but it makes me nervous.

I'm working hard on the new video and a collab be looking out for those!!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Quick update

Hey guys,

I'm waiting on Ben to get here so we can film the new's looking like it might rain - so that has me nervous. I'm really hoping this video comes out like I have it in my head...I'm not gonna rush editing for once..I wanna make sure it's the best it can be. I'm really excited about it...we're also planning on filming a sonic video that I'll hold onto until later since he lives outta town for school.

So glad it's the weekend..hope yours is good!

Friday, August 15, 2008

2000 Subs

Thanks so much everyone who has subscribed to me on youtube!!!! I'm so excited to hit 2000 and hope things keep going!! I'll be doing a live show to celebrate soon. I was planning on for saturday, but one of my good friends surprised me and came into town since he had a few days off school, so instead saturday he's gonna help me film a new video....I'll give my blog readers some spoilers...It's a music video and it's for the current #1 song on iTunes. That's all you get. Don't tell anyone!! LOL

Off to work...Just gotta get through today to get 2 days off!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Oh my

I have a website now. It's isn't that nifty? Thing is, it leads right back here. I might make an actual website of it soon though. But I will blog often...check back daily. I love you...a lot.

My first blog is blogesque

Yes, I created a new word for my blog - blogesque. Do you like it?

I'm watching David Letterman since NBC has Olympics and take away Jay Leno and Conan for two weeks.

My friend Ben surprised me by coming into town today. Filming a wealth of new vids saturday with him...I hope everyone loves it!

So this was my first blog, very blogesque wasn't it?