Sunday, July 26, 2009

dirty cops

Last monday I was driving home from The Secret Handshake concert in Georgia. I had a long drive and it was already 3 AM. I was cruising right along with traffic, next to a semi and we were all going right about 80 in the 70. Everyone spots the cop "hidden" up ahead and slows down of course...As we pass the cop I see him pull out and I start cussing and praying (good combination, right?) and I switch into the right lane hoping he just goes right past. Nope, he gets behind me. No lights on tho, I'm then hoping he's just checking my plate to see if it's a stolen car and if not (which it wasn't) he wouldn't bother me. There go the lights :( I pull over into the next exit and cuss up a storm before he's quickly at my window. He asks where I'm going, I tell him I'm headed home, he asks where I was and I said a concert. I shouldn't have said that, because he instantly thinks that since I'm 22, but look like I'm 16...I must be high! I'm not sure if there's anything I hate more in life than being assumed something like that. Instead of asking if I'm high, he says "were any of your friends smoking weed at the concert?" I said "no, especially not around me." And he says "I'm not accusing you" and I said "well, I'm the one you pulled over." HAHA pretty witty, but not too smart to say to a cop.

He asks me to step out -_- and they start asking me a crazy load of questions, I suppose to test my memory and see if I'm high. I continue to offer them all the answers and point out that their welcome to tear my car apart looking, breathalyzer me and whatever they want. I point out that I'm an advocate against weed and that on my arm I have a wristband with my best friends name on it...He was killed by someone who was driving high, the hell if they think that I would!

They keep going on an on asking again and again "were any of your friends smoking weed?" And I kept giving the same defense..

Then the one cop says "what about when you kept running off the road?" And I said "what?" He said "When we got behind you, you kept running off the road." I said "no I didn't!" And he says "Yes, you don't remember that?" Obviously trying to make me "high" again...So I said "No, because it didn't happen." WHAT THE HECK!!

Then the BIG LOL moment. He says "you know why I pulled you over right?" And I said "Yes, all of us were going over the speed limit." He said "Yeah, I clocked you at 93." I literally laughed and said "No way, that's not even possible in that car!" And he maintained, but I said that is definitely NOT true, just as I was NOT high!

The one goes back to his car and the other one starts asking me THE SAME QUESTIONS AGAIN and it's not like he wasn't standing there too...MAYBE he was high? Then the other comes back and starts explaining the ticket saying he wrote it for 93, which I rolled my eyes, then he said "But I didn't write you a ticket for failure to yield the median...I'm just gonna give you a warning." And I said "well good, since it didn't happen!"

But then the one big kicker...the ticket didn't have a price. I said "how much is this gonna run me?" Not telling him that I was definitely going to be in court to fight it. So he said I'd have to call in and get the fine amount...That makes no sense because all the other times I've talked to people who have gotten tickets, they've had the fine on the ticket. Not like I can afford this either.

So I'll for sure be in court fighting the fact that the cop continually harassed me trying to get me to confess to weed which I never have had, NEVER IN MY LIFE, also wrote me a ticket for a speed I wasn't going, and lied about the median thing. Anyone ever fought a ticket before? How did it go?

Friday, July 3, 2009