Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Justin Bieber

By now, everyone knows the name Justin Bieber, before his album release he already sent 4 songs into the top 10 on iTunes, scored a few top 10 hot 100 hits, and now on the day of his album release he's sitting at #2 on iTunes right behind John Mayer, but ahead of Leona Lewis, Norah Jones, OneRepublic, and 50 Cent!

He may appeal widely to teenage girls who cry over The Jonas Brothers, Twilight, and whatever, but YOU as a YOUTUBER need to be behind him and this blog is to tell you why.

So far in the music industry, acts discovered on youtube like Marie Digby and Esmee have failed to actually make a dent in the American music market, however once Justin Bieber came along, scoring millions of views on his videos singing covers of popular songs he got signed and immediately was producing hits. His debut single "ONE TIME" went to #14 on radio airplay, #1 on iTunes, top 10 on the hot 100, and he's just about to pass 1 million in single sales. Throw on top of that the other songs "One Less Lonely Girl," "Love Me," and "Favorite Girl" that have already sold hundreds of thousands more.

The thing is, rather you're a youtube musician or ANYONE on youtube wanting to break out in some form or another, Justin Bieber's success is benefitting you. Now more record labels will be watching youtube video's looking for the next Justin Bieber. When they discovered Justin they had a whole portfolio of his work right in front of them. It's not some faceless mix tape, it's not them having to pay talent scouts to find potential artists, it's easy and cheap and they're gonna wanna score more HITS like they did with Justin Bieber.

If you're not a youtube musician, there's still good news. More media/entertainment related companies and producers will be scouring youtube for undiscovered talent. Companies love nothing more than people who already come with a huge fanbase. So rather you want to be a comedy writer, a show host, an editor, a camera operator, a director, a musician, anything, your chances of going from a nobody to a star is increased every time someone clicks "BUY" on Justin Bieber's work. The more and more popular he gets, the more and more producers will be looking to score their next success from youtube.

So rather you like pop music, rather you like Justin Bieber's music or not, you need to be behind him if you have any goals or dreams for success in entertainment.