Saturday, November 29, 2008

Dating Season

You might not know, but "Dating Season" ended November 26th. I've not had many girlfriends, nor do I really like to date, being young I find it pointless and I'm annoyed by most of it.

However, being a guy I have devised dating season for the sole purpose of saving my fellow man. Dating season ends the day before thanksgiving and resumes February 15th. Anyone who asks a girl out between those dates is dooming themself. And any smart guy will only date girls whose birthday is during the off season.

What's the point of all this you ask? Simple. It saves us guys A LOT of money. In the off season you have thanksgiving, Christmas (and/or Hanukkah, Kwanzaa), new years, valentines day, and possibly her birthday. Who wants to buy gifts for ALL of those holidays?

So I'm calling out to my fellow man, either follow dating season or be doomed.