Monday, September 8, 2008

VMA Thoughts...Who watches MTV anymore?

If you remember the line in my "Swingers Confessional" video - I said, "If MTV doesn't play music anymore, I guess it's just TV."

And that's exactly what it is. I don't know why they have a "Video Music Awards" show when they don't even play music videos. In my mind, that's like CMT (Country Music Television) playing reruns of Rob and Big.

The VMA's were a big scam, obviously by Britney Spears winning 3 "awards" (not too big of honors, obviously) for the "Piece of Me" video which is far from being a good video. The obvious reason behind her winning is so they could get her on there to make a fool of herself again and gain them ratings. Same reason behind their embarrassing host that EVERYONE IS TALKING ABOUT...He did exactly what they wanted him to do, tell me you haven't searched youtube for some of his remarks now.

And of course Miley Cyrus didn't win "best new artist" besides the fact that she definitely isn't, she's Disney's cash cow and they can't have her, so why give her face time when they can give it to the band with the freakishly dedicated following, Tokio Hotel.

So beyond his awful remarks about OUR President, his jokes about purity rings, and whatever else he may have said that I didn't hear, the awards themselves sucked. And I have to give MAJOR props to Jordin Sparks, because it was pretty brave of her to say something. She's a great role model, talented singer, and very good looking, but she's no Britney Spears, so don't give her an award...

So what'd YOU think? Were his comments just "comedy" or were they real jabs at America? Does Britney DESERVE any awards for that video? Is MTV just a joke these days?

Just for you MTV, here's two excellent videos, with great songs, from talented artists....1,000,000,000,000 times better than "Piece of Me."

BTW, I didn't watch the VMA's.

Monday, September 1, 2008

King of Procrastion!

Today I have got a lot done. I mowed most of the backyard and side (almost an acre) and I took a nap. That's a lot, isn't it?

I was supposed to film a collab clip this morning, but it's 8 PM and I haven't. I will go do it after this blog tho...I'm also late on another collab clip...Just a warning, if you want me in a collab, I'll prob do it, but I'm gonna be slack..haha!!

I'm really enjoying blogging and I'm starting to crank out videos a lot with my new camera...I'm gonna film another new video after my collab clips, I might even put it up tonight, but I want my post it note video to get the full effect. It's done really well tho, I will let you know if I get the voting round. And I'm going to vlog for the first and only time this week. You'll see.

So is everyone back in school now? That's a lot of things to slack rate yourself on being a slacker, post a comment - 10 being really slack, 1 being rarely to never slacking.